Impact is the best around , I truly look forward to my visits as they've helped me so much .

Doug Raines

Great service and good atmosphere

Emma Clancy​

This place had changed my life! Long story short after getting injured 3 times at work I've been to multiple physical therapy places. This last round I didn't want to travel out of Lebanon. My husband knew about this place and has used them as well, he told me I should give it a try. I did! I cannot explain the difference in how I am feeling. I'm not yet 100% but farther along than I was after finishing with the other places. Michael has done more for me in 8 visits than others did in 30 visits, in conjunction with dry needling, 3 epidural steroid injection and office procedure and a nerve block...and I was still in pain! Michael had a gift, he actually listened to me about all three injuries and listened to me when I said where I felt out of whack. He has been able to pin-point the real issues with the pain which turned out to be more my hips. No one else figured that out! This is a small privately owned...not corporate business! I've been to those where the therapist have 6 patients and they just tell you what to do next! They can't possibly see if the patient is doing them correctly while working with 5 others. He is very thorough and explains it in terms anyone could understand. Sandra is another therapist and she is just as good. I just haven't seen her as often. He has been more than flexible and has even accommodated my busy schedule and worked through lunch-I still feel bad- but he never made me it was just the principle of I felt bad but he never made me feel bad just was happy to do it! They offer a vast variety of things, ice, heat ultrasound, and a stretching table ( don't know the technical term)so I hope this message gets out there because you are n yourself a injustice of you chose another facility.

Marla Warren

Absolutely recommend! I've had chronic & debilitating migraines since a severe concussion in 2012. I'd seen so many specialists & doctors because they didn't just come & go. They'd happen & I would be in absolute darkness for days, not being able to hold anything down, not being able to see due to blurred vision. When a walk in clinic recommended physical therapy, I honestly did not believe it was possible, but I went to Impact Physical Therapy in desperate hope of getting my life back. They taught me some simple exercises and since then I have been almost completely migraine free as long as I do the exercises. If I forget & the migraine happens, the exercises do reduce the intensity, lessens symptoms & reduces the amount of time it lasts. I cannot say enough how thankful I am for the people and the work they do.

Lauren Rose

Couldn't have ask for anything better. Mike and Kim know everything you need to do to get better. I came out like a new man.

David Parrish

These folks are awesome. They make you feel comfortable and Mike gives you the cofedince to put your full effort into a road to recovery. Thank you Mike and Kim for what you do for so many people.

June Brown

Very nice people. Pleased with the results of my therapy.

Racheal Greer

I would recommend this place to anyone needing therapy. The staff here is wonderful and care about each person who comes in. They want you to feel better.

Anita Mahoney Woolard​

Really wish I could give this place more than 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome staff I highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy to all my family & friends that may have any kind of pain, injuries etc. I was in a car accident back in 2008 where I was hit on a bicycle luckily it didn't leave me paralyzed like drs thought was the case when I was rushed by ambulance to the er rolled in on a backboard & in a neck brace where I laid still for about 9 hours which felt like an eternity & wasn't able to move or anything as I endured multiple x rays & scans along with other tests I thank god I'm still able to walk even with the back & neck issues I get through everyday. I suffer from Scoliosis & other issues also so sometimes the pain is so bad it keeps me up at night or wakes me up & some mornings when I go into Impact I'm not feeling the greatest but Mike always manages to make me smile & I always leave feeling better than when I walked in & it's all owed to Mike & his staff I thank each & every one of you for all that you do & thanks for getting me acquainted with Bio freeze I love & swear by this stuff IT IS AWESOME! As long as the good lord grants me another day & I'm able to make it expect to keep seeing me on
Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays because it's helping & since I found something that helps I'm not quitting I once thought there was no hope or help but you guys have given me hope & for that I am internally & will be eternally grateful THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH YOU HAVE HAD AN ****IMPACT**** ON MY PAIN & LIFE. I wouldn't go anywhere else & I won't be going anywhere as long as I'm able to stay with you guys you will have a lifelong satisfied customer, I'm able to enjoy doing a lot of the stuff I use to do that I have
dreaded doing the last few months because it seemed unbearable especially since it's been cold out so thank you all again

Mary Sensabaugh

We received a letter from a former patient that I would like to share. With the permission from the mother and patient, they graciously allowed us to post it. Receiving letters like this one is the best complement anyone could ask for. We are proud of our team at Impact and are grateful for every patient we can make a difference in their life.

"You may or may not remember me, but I was a patient of yours a little over two years ago. Since the last time that I was at Impact I have had more nerve blocks, but the pain instantly goes away and I'm back to being able to run, throw, and pretty much do anything. I just wanted to thank you for everything that you did for me. Without you I would not be the person that I am today. I am attending the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga in the fall to major in Nutrition and Exercise Science before applying for physical therapy school. Because of you I have decided on this career. I hope that one day I can help others in the way that you helped me, Thank you for everything that you did for me."

Terri Hunter

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